E - Cigarettes in the UK


Electronic cigarettes or simply e - cigs, are handheld devices that are normally designed to look like the conventional cigarettes and used in a similar manner. The e - cigarette tries to produce the feeling of smoking tobacco using the same sensory aspects as smoking. The electronic cigarette works by heating a liquid to produce a vapor that is inhaled by the user. The liquid used in e - cigarettes is call an e - liquid and is made of nicotine, propylene, glycerine and flavorings, although not all e - liquids contain nicotine. The composition of the vapor varies from on brand to another. E- Cigarettes are considered safer than tobacco cigarettes and they can help smokers quit. Being a new thing in the market, the regulation of e - cigarettes has been hotly debated in the UK like in other markets. This is compounded by the overlap in e - cigarettes and tobacco. The UK the sale and use of e - cigarettes by adults is legal. They united kingdom as also licensed these devices as medicines.


The E - cigarettes in the market today were invented in 2003 in China. The use has risen rapidly globally with the use being widespread in the United Kingdom, with most e-cigs coming from popular sites like Smoko. The best E - cigs can be evaluated using different aspects. These include battery performance, throat hit, flavours, levels of nicotine and price. Click for More info on e-cigarette options that you can get.


The battery performance of an e - cigarette affects the volume of vapour produced and the throat hit. These are important aspects that a user will look for in an e - cig. Depending on the strength of the battery, determines the amount of vapour that the e- cig produces and consequently the kind of throat hit that the user can expect; too harsh, too soft or just right. 


Flavour is another factor used to evaluate an e - cigarette. The best e - cigs in the UK manufacture their own flavours which in most cases results to better quality as compared to those imported, say from China. Getter quality flavours also means that the cartomisers will last longer, giving the user more value for their money. 


Nicotine levels in an e - cigarette is another important factor to consider when evaluating an e - cigarette. Many of the e - cigarette companies few options when it comes to nicotine levels. The types of nicotine are not always similar in taste and throat hit. The price of an e - cigarette is also a factor to consider. Consider the actual price of the kit and also the value that you get for your money. You'll also want to watch this video on e-cigarette safety: https://youtu.be/qljBzXmTqjE